Healthy Eating


In contrast (or not?) to the last post, I have in fact stepped up my workouts lately. I joined a gym right next to Jon’s work, which has been great! It’s a fighting gym, and therefore is full of ultra buff, ultimate fighting dudes with giant muscles. Also, some ladies, but not that many. They have boxing and fighting classes, which I hope to take advantage of to work out my rage issues (or just to get a good sweat on!). Awesome. Included with my membership was a meeting with a trainer. He asked me what I’m looking to do with myself and then led me through a full on workout, which nearly killed me. It was great. I have been sore all week. I am a person who does kettle bells now! ¬†Anyway, the point of this post is that the excessive working out also makes me excessively hungry. And you know what that calls for? FISH AND CHIPS.

And by fish, I mean veggie sausages. But still, very British. And delicious. And no, I didn’t eat all those chips, but I tried my best!



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