Guess where we’re going…

England travels

Monte Carlo!

(that last picture is our actual hotel!)


This is one of the perks of having a tremendously talented writer/journalist for a boyfriend. Because sometimes there are conferences about business analytics software(zzzzzzzzzzz)  held at fancy hotels in Monaco and they ask you to come and pay for your flight and place to stay. I’m excited to tag along! And coincidentally, Monday happens to be our 2 year anniversary, so it will be so nice and special to be able to celebrate this way. We’ll only be gone a few days-Monday to Wednesday night-but I can’t wait! We have fancy clothes for cocktails, as well as bathing suits, at the ready. Today, we’ll pack, and we leave in the morning!

2 thoughts on “Guess where we’re going…”

  1. awsome ! that looks really really beautiful you guys have the best time remember every moment congrats on your anniversary! love and kisses

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