We’re back!

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We made it! And of course, as I should be writing my thesis (a sectional draft due on Monday!) I’m here, procrastinating after three days of vacation. Anyway. Pictures!


Monte Carlo was amazing! Beautiful, hot, full of obscene opulence and oh-so-trendy rich people (or people good at looking rich?). We did our best to blend in. We ate (and drank) a lot of wonderful things, Jon did (some) conferencing-twas a business trip after all, and we had a few adventures. I’ll have more to share later, but here are a few pics for now-then back to work…or something.

8 thoughts on “We’re back!”

  1. @Jon. 1. stop looking so creepy then. 2. i thought about cropping him out, but decided he added an air of amusement.

  2. @Ev-ha! Yeah, jon buys and wears lots of great fitting shirts but i give him sass about his inability to buy a good pair of skinny pants unless they’re part of a fab suit. he has this terrible pair of khakis….oh man. Tall + skinny guy problems, I guess!

  3. Ev-I feel you. The heat is on.

    Lindsey-I can’t wait to hear what you think about it! It’s a weird/awesome place! And it was so nice to practice my French, although I’m still way better at comprehension than speaking, because I get nervous, ha.

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