Fancier Nights in Monte Carlo

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Last Monday was our anniversary, so Jon and I made a night of it and went out for a nice meal and a bottle of wine by the water in Monte Carlo. It was such a nice night,strolling with my man and just being thankful for where our crazy lives have taken us together. We are two lucky ducks.

The view from our hotel balcony-beautiful, right?

This is how Jon shoves giant shrimp in his face (did you know British shrimp are tiny? Because they are. These shrimp however, were not)

Oh, and we also happened upon a doctor fish experience whilst strolling by the water on Tuesday! We decided to pay the fee, have a sit, and do a little fishy pedicure in honor of the doctor fish that we use to patron whilst living in Korea. If you’ve never had your tootsies nibbled by tiny fish-do it. It’s weird and funny and relaxing. Also, maybe illegal in America? I don’t really know.

And that night, post-fish foot eating, was the conference party. They rented out a club in the harbor (apparently JLo went to the opening earlier this year?) and a lot of business people got drunk and danced. It was very, very fun.

Now the week has begun again, it’s rainy and cold, and I turned in one of my thesis drafts an hour ago. Is it okay to say I miss Monte Carlo?



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