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Life has gotten back to boring and predictable since coming back from Monte Carlo. That’s okay though! What have I been doing? Reading (finally read A Handmaid’s Tale-go read it now!-currently reading a biography on Cleopatra), working out, and doing various domestic things like laundry and whatnot. And some thesis-ing as well, although my next deadline isn’t for another week or so, so of course I’ve begun the extreme procrastination yet again. Oh, and looking for the perfect pair of colored jeans, which is proving to be really hard. What else?

Eating lots of Asian food, like this

with this guy

Oh, and going to events like this

Yep. An art exhibit. 400 plaster casts of vaginas. We bought a book. I have some issues with the work, as the artist himself is a middle age-ish dude, which I think takes away from some of the feminist tenents of the show. Also, he was kind of an egotistical d-bag, but that’s neither here nor there.


Anyway, that’s been my life lately. We go back to Ohio in less than two weeks, so I’m getting very excited, although the crazy 100 degree weather may be a bit of a drastic change. Maybe it will cool down by then?

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  1. wooo yeahhhh 100 degree weather! hopefully it will cool down by then! it was so cold in france. but then again, that was probably a good thing with their lack of a/c. this jet lag is taking me downnnn. must. go. to. sleep. pics to come soon!

  2. just read your new post and remembered you’re looking for colored jeans. i remember this place in france called miss coquines had like every color you could ever want and the store is super cheap. there was one in amiens, where i lived and i saw one in paris this weekend. i’m not sure if they have them in england but you could check it out.

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