My Fair Lady

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In the 5 days that we’ve been back in Ohio, we have squeezed in a whole lot of fun (and food…and beer). But yesterday I introduced the Englishman to a purely American phenomenon known as the Ohio State Fair. Oh yes. And this happened.

Unfortunately we were rained out by a classic summer thunderstorm before we could find the legendary “butter cow”, but we did manage to see a good deal of bunnies and horses, some prize turkeys (gross man) and a whole plethora of all the fried foods one could ever desire. I sated myself with a cheese-on-a-stick the size of a large corndog, as well as an orange creamsicle float. Both were delicious. Jon went for a huge bratwurst with kraut, but disappointed me by not eating any fried candy bars. I heard there was a cheeseburger there with buns made from krispy kreme doughnuts, the whole caboodle fried! Didn’t see that one though.

We were joined by the lovely Evie (thanks so much for hanging with us, you fab lady you!)

The Budweiser horses looked particularly melancholy. That was not a fun venture.

Ah, the fair. It always manages to make me somewhat nostalgic for my youth in the country, growing up in a county that actually set the start date for schools in the area to coincide with the end of the fair, since 90% of students would miss if they had to choose between showing cattle/horses/livestock, etc and attending classes. I think it brings a different perspective to the big show, versus had I been a full-on city kid. I haven’t been to the State fair in many, many years, although I’ve been to my home county one more recently (and by recently I mean, maybe in the past 5 years?). Not much has changed, that’s for sure. There are still reliefs of the last supper carved into honey, as always. No, I’m just kidding-I’ve never seen that. Until yesterday! Crafters. They get me every time.

I think we spent the perfect amount of time fair-ing. Long enough to wander, see the good stuff, eat some good stuff, and call it quits. See you next year fair! (Well, actually not, but it could happen).

The true spirit of the fair: me in a giant tractor wheel. USA!

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