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We spent yesterday running around Columbus, meeting with our wedding (dinner) venue to finalize the menu, eating a nice lunch (I had a groupon!) and eventually stopping in for cupcakes at Bakery Gingham. I swear, I just can’t say no. This little guy is coconut buttercream on top of coconut. So good! Jon agrees, but with chocolate stuffed with more chocolate.

It’s so wonderful having him here to wander around with. This is the longest extended time that we’ve been living in my house, and I have to say that it’s so, so great. We do chores together, we eat together, we chill together. I love it. As we were grocery shopping the other day Jon said that we were playing house. And it’s true. But it’s strange that with one month till making it legal, we have yet to have our own place. Maybe not so strange for some couples, but for us, it really is. I am a try it before you buy it kinda gal. I think it’s smart to live with someone before you settle down into a marriage. But we haven’t had the chance, so we’ve settled into a pattern of shifts of living together, but mostly apart. Thank goodness it’s almost over…..knock on wood, my visa will be approved and I’ll graduate on time, and in 4 or 5 months, we’ll legitimately be looking for a place to call home. Sheets-Norris for the win! For now, it’s been a great summer. And there is plenty left of it, I know it. I refuse to let it drift away, unappreciated.



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