Food Truck Festival

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Friday night we ventured out to Columbus’ first annual Food Truck Fest. I had high expectations…after all, who doesn’t love a good food truck? The results were a mixed bag in the end. But overall, I give it two sticky thumbs up!

Pros: Delicious food, of course. I ended up eating a lobster roll and a fabulous ham and cheese crepe made from locally-farmed ham. Jon also had pulled pork sliders which were quite yummy. We saw cajun food, grilled cheese, ice cream, various tacos of all sorts…I’m drooling again just thinking about it. Also-live music, which is always a good time!

Cons: Lines! I think the turnout was unexpected and the planners were a bit under prepared. Lines were ridiculously long and not really organized-some places had lines that literally didn’t move for 30 minutes at a time and were criss-crossed with other ones.

One more con: No beverages! You could only buy drinks from a specific seller that was also selling booze, and all that required tickets, which required standing in a separate line! Every other booth/truck/cart wasn’t allowed to sell drinks with their wares. Bummer city. We ended up going across the street to the local CVS to pick up some bottled water instead of waiting again.


I would love to go back and try some more next year! There were several trucks that we missed that I’ll be making an effort to track around the city at some point before the move to England in the winter. Hopefully by next year they’ll have worked some of the kinks out, and the event will run a bit more smoothly.

We’re getting married in less than a week! This weekend has been so crazy busy-post food truck festival, we have also had our first out of town visitors arrive at the house in the form of one of my best lady friends and her husband. This puts the total population of my house currently at 6 people and 4 dogs. Last night, our friend K came over with her dog. So we were at 7 people and 5 dogs. The house is a furry mess, believe you-me. And today consisted so far of going to the gym, running some errands, and heading to a baseball game shortly with some friends! Busy times… but I’d bet this whole week is going to be like that. I just want it to slow down so I can enjoy every minute!

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