Goodbye again my darling


    I put Jon on a plane back to the UK this morning at the crack of dawn. We spent a few hours yesterday listening to show tunes and hanging out with some friends at Union in the Short North to say goodbye to everyone. This is the last time that we as a couple will have to do the long-distance thing, but this one is at once harder and easier than our other separations. For one, things don’t seem as long and indefinite as the past few times. Grad school, while chaotic and time-consuming, is almost done, and I’m in the final throes of thesis writing. I have only three classes to take this quarter (starting next Wednesday!), and that coupled with editing my work should be keep me very busy, but not as swapped as quarters past. There is no questioning our relationship either anymore-we’re married now, so there’s no fear that somehow we won’t make it through the hardship that is living in separate countries-we’ve crossed that bridge a few times. Still, I can’t pretend it’s easy to put your brand spankin’ new husband of 10 days on a plane. In fact, it’s pretty lame. The one pro-more time to get back to blogging. It sounds silly really, but I used to be a heavy journaler and in the past 2 or 3 years that’s turned into blogging….slightly more public, yes, but it also allows me the opportunity to have a digital record of this time in my life, pictures and all, and I really appreciate that. So…silver lining?


Here’s to autumn passing as quickly as it always seems to.


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