Names on a cake


This past Saturday Jon and I headed up to Crawford County for a little family party that my mom had organized in honor of our wedded bliss. My family is huge and our nuptials were attended by a very small number, so there was a need for something relaxed for everyone else. Our family is definitely one that doesn’t get together all that often as I remember from my childhood, when I remember huge gatherings of people at my grandparents’ house. Now that they’ve passed, the meetings are fewer and far between. ¬†On the drive home we discussed how much it means to me to have the chance to get together sometimes with my family, even if we all don’t see things eye to eye-and we most surely do not, Lord help us. With my sister and her little family (husband and my niece) living in Ohio again, I think it leaves my parents endlessly happy to have everyone in the same state, particularly when they know that it is only for an indefinite amount of time, with my transatlantic move on the horizon after Christmas! And it’s amazing to have a chance to hang out with my little niece! R is starting to have a real personality at 2 and a half years old. She is a super girly girl and she likes to “pose”, which creeps me out a little, but I digress. We spent some time at my mom’s place, rolling around an exercise ball back and forth, playing on a mini trampoline, and watching grandma rock the hula hoop. She’s cool. (Grandma, that is. R too.)

And the park:

On a funny note-my mom ordered a cake for us from the local grocery. This grocery then spelled Jon’s name wrong (oh, that “h”!). Coincidentally, they spelled my name wrong 8 years ago when mom ordered a cake from them to celebrate my high school graduation. Ashlay. Who spells their name that way, seriously. The legend lives on!

My mom loves cake. Spelling error or no, their frosting is DELICIOUS.

Oh, and Jon found a very freaky caterpillar too.


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