Red red wine

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       There are two places that I was supposed to be tonight. Two different parties at two different places. And yet here I am, drinking my second glass of pinot noir and watching old episodes of Bones on netflix. Today was a chilly, icky day, full of sporadic rain storms and heavy wind. I spent most of it at the coffee shop, getting things done, doin’ my business. I’m still not sure that I won’t go anywhere this evening (it’s not even 10 yet, after all), but I already ordered a pizza and ate half of that pizza, so that’s something to check off my list. We’ll see where the rest of the night goes. Probably nowhere. Maybe my bed.



2 thoughts on “Red red wine”

    1. the opposite seasons you guys have always confuse me! we’re just getting into some cooler weather finally, and it’s october tomorrow! i bet you’re glad for the spring though:)

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