My birthday-Part One!

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Turning 27 has been a low key affair. The big day (har har) was yesterday and I had some important meetings and running around to do for visa stuff and thesis stuff, respectively. However, my afternoon class had been cancelled, so it was like a special birthday treat, particularly when accompanied by the gorgeous 80 degree summer redux that we have around here currently! I had gotten a present in the mail from Jon the day before, so I’d spoiled that surprise already-I obviously opened it immediately. However, I will be taking advantage of a special part of Jon’s card for me…

That cheesy button is awesome. Keeping the love alive across the Atlantic! It will be worn this evening at the little party I am having so I don’t sit at home alone, weeping into popcorn watching endless episodes of Charmed on netflix with the dogs. Have I mentioned that I do that? Because I do, sometimes. Generally not with the crying though, but I digress.

Anyway, back to birthday. Originally my best lady friend in the whole world had asked me to go to dinner with her, because she is a wonderful friend and knows my life. Of course I said yes. And then we slowly accrued several other friends who called to see if I wanted company on the actual day of my birth (rather than waiting for the day-after party). These are good people! So last night as we sat around some delicious food and a few tasty beverages at the Jury Room, I felt incredibly thankful and grateful for these friends of mine. And then I realized that every single one of them has been in my life since I was around 7 or 8 years old. And that is a blessing. 20+ years of friendships going strong….beautiful stuff. ¬†And a bit of a surprise, if you think about it.

It was a quiet evening, but it was a reminder that even when things seem not so great (my husband does live in another country, after all-that can be a bummer, especially with no guarantee on how our visas will turn out) that they really are nothing to scoff at, and I have been given some amazing people to accompany me on my journey.

Beautiful flowers from Nia and her little man.

I like the juxtaposition of this picture of Katie and Lindsey…

…with this one.

Oh, and my fabulous roommates surprised me this morning with breakfast in bed, acompanied by the birthday song as they came up the stairs. I was incredibly confused, since um, my birthday was yesterday. But it seems they knew that and said “sorry it wasn’t yesterday!” So, case closed. And delicious breakfast consumed.

Tonight-a party, full of dancing and more people that make my heart sing. Oh, and cheese.

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