Country Drive


A side effect of growing older seems to be the appreciation of little things, or things that one became easily bored of/with at a younger age. Case in point self-referentially: cooking, new and more efficient appliances, like washing machines, and in this case, driving around solely to look at the changing colors on the trees. Today I went up north for a visit to the ol’ home county and a trip to the Prairie Peddler ¬†with my dad(more on that soon) and took far too many pictures of former greenery. I didn’t want to edit the pictures too much or at all because while a boost to saturation would have been nice, the colors were really beautiful all on their own.

It’s kind of strange seeing colors like this when the temperatures are so high (another 80 degree day here!) but I guess I shouldn’t complain, even though I’m itching for a return to the cooler climes. However, I’m thankful for such a beautiful day spent in the company of my hilarious and endlessly philosophical father (hey Papa Sheets! Consider this your shout out, you crazy hippy).

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