Shenanigans of the birthday variety

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It has come to my attention that Friday night is maybe not a great time for a party with my friends. Most of them get worn down from the Monday to Friday grind, and/or have to work Saturday mornings, and that’s understandable-whereas I don’t do either because I’m a grad student and no Ohio State students have Friday classes. So last night’s party was maybe a little sleepier than intended, and instead of everyone getting tipsy and then dancing with me, I mostly made sure that everyone drank a lot and had a good time (and the dancing, unfortunately, was at a bare minimum). There was no raging dance party, but it was rowdy enough for a lady getting close to the end of her twenties!

    I had grand ideas of chilly autumnal weather, maybe serving up a pumpkin pie, and wearing something cute and weather-appropriate, like tights and shorts with chunky boots and a cute top. And I was oh so wrong. Led astray by the unseasonal 80 degree temperatures that won’t go away, I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear, nor did I want to turn on the oven, so my mini menu ended up being a pretty interesting butternut squash dip I made from one of my CSA squashes, some baked brie in puff pastry with raspberry preserves, and a veggie tray. And, you know, booze and stuff. And I just threw on a dress and stuck with the chunky boots because dammit, I really wanted to wear them!

(yeah, my best friend wanted to do a little photo shoot and I obliged)

Again, I couldn’t say how good it makes me feel to be surrounded by a well-curated group of the most lovely friends that love me and are there for me when I need them, or just simply want them around. A joyous occasion like a birthday-an actual day spent in remembrance of the fact that one is alive and still chugging along in the great stream of humanity-is more worthy than I can think to elaborate on. Thanks for being there, loved ones.

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