Prairie Peddler Festival


I don’t leave the city much, so it seems. But when my dad extended an invite my way to join him and use some free tickets to the Prairie Peddler¬†Festival in Butler yesterday, I was like “hell yeah”. Costumes, whittling, crafts, old stuff-I was all over it. In the end, it wasn’t as great as we hoped (a little on the not-authentic side of things, as I’m pretty sure the prairie pilgrims didn’t have access to IBC root beer/fried cheese/college football home decor) but it was cool chilling with my pops and giggling at stuff. And there was a guy using a chainsaw to whittle bears out of tree trunks, so high five to him and his chainsaw-ing prowess.

Don’t get me wrong, there were many examples of artistic abilities and general artisan works. But then you had ladies like this one selling bags of powdered sugar with like, red number 5 and saying it was “cheesecake”-but I’m pretty sure lack of cheese means no cheesecake.

Or, for further example, these things-what? Why? Where? Pilgrims did not have time for, nor did they invent, mascots.

But here, more pictures of things I found interesting and/or funny. No snarking.

My dad, mesmerized by a giant carved pumpkin.

I actually wanted to buy this window growing glass set, but it was just another thing that would probably break when shipping across the ocean in two months.

Thanks for the good times and the trail bag of cheese and sausage that I split with my dad, Prairie Peddler!


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