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It’s been a rough week, stress and work and life-wise. But sitting here on the far side of it, having just turned in another draft of my thesis to my advisor, and now engaged in chilling out with some tea and Toy Story 3 streaming on netflix, I’m feeling much more calm. The executive decision has been made (by me) to not doing any more work today/tonight-I’m giving myself a break until tomorrow afternoon. Sometimes it’s┬ánecessary┬áto take a step back…or a giant leap back. Either way, suck it school! Just kidding. No, but really.

In other news, my CSA has been rockin’ lately (except for how it’s squash season, and truth be told, I don’t love most kinds of squash…uh oh. Bad hippy.) But these fall things are so pretty!

This week I got the biggest eggplant I’ve ever seen. Apple for scale!

Also, cheese curds? What? Ate ’em. Delicious.

On a funny note, I got holla’d at in an incredibly amusing way this week. Buying coffee on a rainy day before class, a dude held the door for me and said “you’re French, ain’t ya? Should be! Durn pretty!” Despite not being French, it was a pretty adorable form of pseudo-harrassment. This is what I was wearing.

I personally don’t think I looked very francais, but the hat does have a strange effect on the minds of men and women alike. And wearing tights/dress/boots in the rain, rather than jeans and a north face like 80% of this city.


So, in sum, happy weekend!

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