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Today’s outfit is a little “little house on the prairie”-ish. Boots, beigey, twirly dress, these new bangs up in my face (the new sparkle hasn’t worn off yet). But I’m not ashamed! I also don’t have pictures. But the dress I’m wearing came from a reduction sale in a weird warehouse on the south side of downtown that Lindsay and I checked out on Saturday morning.

It was kind of a weird vibe. Lots of the boutiques from the Short North, all together in one space with greatly marked down (up to 90%!) merch. Which is a big deal for a lot of those-kind pricey-places.

I’m totes down for local wares, but seriously, if a cute dress was $300 before, but it’s now marked down to $80…still probably not buying it. Definitely not, for that matter. But we looked around, I snatched up a couple of (much cheaper!) things from my favorite shops, and then we hit up The Cheesy Truck (!) which was parked outside.

It was delicious. So delicious. Local cheesy goodness. And orange drank!

Guess which one I got?

Spoiler: had to go English…of course:) They also have a “Jackie-O” that costs $100, and comes with caviar and a mother-of-pearl caviar spoon, haha. I would love to be around to see someone actually order that.

Thank Jesus for food trucks, seriously. I hope I can find some cool ones in Brighton!


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