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Chugging right along over here. Jon (and Christmas!) will be here in six weeks, which is very exciting. And next week I have several large final projects due for my classes, which will be a huge weight off my shoulders (and will also signal the end of most of my graduate work). After that I’ll defend my thesis and celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, which I’m really looking forward to, strangely enough. They’re crazy, is what I’m saying. But anyway. Even though technically things are sort of gearing up for the holidays and all that, I feel the opposite-like I’m winding down and getting ready to be where I need to be. I have oh so slightly started a job hunt now that I have a real life visa (still !!! about that one), but I’m not freaking out for a career just yet. We’ve also started scouring humane society websites in the UK for our future furry baby, since honestly it’s a huge surprise that I’ve made it this far in my life without a dog of my own, seeing as I can’t walk by any cute one on the street without squealing like a child and/or pig. Puppy time!

I thought I would be more scared for all of these huge changes. Turns out, I’m not. Hopefully, my optimism sticks around for awhile.

I’ve taken to wearing various shades of bright/red lipstick when I go out lately. It speaks to a different era for me, even though it’s not anything new. I took this before going to see the Civil Wars last week, which was maybe one of the best nights of my life. Alone, in the second row, with merely a few feet between myself and some amazing musicians that speak to my soul. Sort of an analogy for how my life is going lately. Alone, but beautiful and full of so much that it’s hard to put into words.


Also, I’ve got to say that with the election results in from yesterday, I’m feeling a whole ton better about the state of my country. Mississippi’s crazy ass personhood bill was voted down, the anti-union Issue 2 in Ohio was killed, and overall good things were happening. It is so reassuring to see that when shit really starts to go down, Americans will come out and vote for what they really think should be happening. Rage against the machine! Of course, I don’t always agree with the majority, but I love a good show of democracy, don’t you?

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  1. Good on you for feeling positive about big huge changes. Isn’t it funny when the universe unexpectedly drops a good attitude in the laps of us worriers?

    And the fair skin, blond hair, and red lips look is killerrrrr.

    Excited to hear about the Sheets-Norris pup-to-be. I literally shout “DOGGIE” at dogs in the street like a toddler.

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