My defense went swimmingly yesterday and I am a giant step closer to graduating!  I passed, as you can tell by that intensely serious baby up there. That was the face I made as I walked out of my advisor’s office. After the hoops that I had to jump through-including my second reader losing the 70+ page portfolio of my work that I left in her mailbox 2 days before my defense (she found it later) and my dress sort of showing some boob by slipping around under my blazer when I arrived for the meeting (thank goodness for my godiva length hair that hid my bra/boobs until I noticed)-I’m just thankful to be finished. I have a small paper due next Monday, and that’s it. Finito. Master’s degree! Best Thanksgiving ever! So. much. thanks.

2 thoughts on “Success”

  1. so i was looking for an picture and typed serious baby face, i ended up in here. i am also taking my master’s degree and i can relate to how it feels like to finish a master’s degree. i am in my 2nd year, i have around 1.5 years to go. hopefully i can finish as well.

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