Thrice the giving, take three: better late than never.


Apples to apples is one of the greatest games in the world, and probably my favorite parlor game (excluding scrabble, which is #1 of all time, but which I prefer to play with just one partner). Friends-giving, also a wonderful phenomenon. The chance for a third Thanksgiving celebration (even though it was nearly a week ago at this point) was a nice, relaxing round up to the other two familial feasts I took part in this year. We played some silly games, drank some wine, and partook in a whole lot of vegetarian goodness. Yum.

Yesterday I attended my last grad school class ever. After class, I walked over to the library to return a whole armload of books that have been in my possession since the summer, and walking in the crisp, cold dark I was reminded of how quickly this whole chapter began and ended. I realized the other day (and mentioned on one of my other internet¬†narcissistic¬†outlets…coughcoughtwittercough) that in 2011 I got engaged, got married, got a Master’s and moved-will move-to England. And it all happened so fast! C’est la vie, eh? Perhaps this year’s 3 thanksgivings will make up for the fact that next year there may be none.

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