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a picture i took 2 years ago in my Korean apartment

Finally got all my grades in today, and will officially graduate with a 3.9 gpa in my master’s program. Yes, I’m patting myself on the back. And I’m annoyed that a single A- would keep me from a 4.0! Le sigh. First world problems, I guess (although that phrase is pretty patronizing, but I digress). So being done with school has left me with oodles of free time, which I’ve been filling up with crafting, working out something fierce at my new gym (tv IN the machines, how fabulous), watching Christmas movies, and sleeping. The sleeping thing is strange-I can’t fall asleep at night, but I sleep in far later than I should every morning. ¬†Every day this week I’ve not woken up before 10:30. It makes me feel lazy and lucky at the same time-and it took a little pep talk from Jon to remind me that maybe I do deserve a little time to just chill out and not stress about school things for once. Not that there aren’t a million other things on my mind. I drift off at night with my mind swirling around plans for moving to England, houses that we’re looking at moving into, getting rid of so many of my belongings, feeling sad about moving away from my most loved place, and on and on and on. Moving…it’s a weird thing. And in this case, it’s not like my other experiences, where I knew I’d return in a year or two. This is far more permanent, and that is both thrilling and heartbreaking. As it is, with less than three weeks left before the big move (I know, it’s going so fast!) I’m soaking up everything that I can. All the sights, smells, experiences, drinks, eats, friends, family…everything that is home to me.

This Sunday I’ll once again walk across the stage and be handed a degree from the Ohio State University, exactly five years after I last did it for my bachelor’s degree. So much happened in that five year period! And while this fancy new degree is most certainly not a promise of further success, I’m really hoping it will be a step in the right direction for making a new life for myself (and the shiny new husband!) in the UK. I’m not as scared as I thought I’d be for all of these huge life changes. But there is a whole lot of new stuff coming in 2012, for sure. Before that however, there is all the holiday goodness to be enjoyed. Big things I’m looking forward to as the year draws to a close: graduation, hosting a clothes swap, some new body art, Jon’s arrival, a Mad Men themed Christmas party, my own sparkly Christmas party, crafting gifts with my little sis, Christmas eve at my sister’s house and Christmas day at my mom’s….so much to do and see and be happy about. And more than enough to keep me from focusing on leaving. GLITTER people. Glitter.

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  1. I truely love reading your blog! I hope this doesn’t stop once you leave, it keeps me close to you. I still want to tell you once again how very very proud of you Iam! I always knew you were going to do great things with your life you have a wonderful spirit and heart. always know Iam a skpe away! ha ha I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL

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