Swapping and Dressing Up

America thoughts

Saturday afternoon: clothes swapping. Seven ladies, tons and tons of clothes, lots of tea drunk. New brown boots attained (but more things gotten rid of, I promise!)

Saturday night: Mad Men Christmas Party. Complete with recipes for old fashioned cocktails, a spam casserole, and saltines with cheddar. It was kitsch to the max, and turned into a fab 50s dance party (if they had tiny disco balls in the fifties, I may have to check around to confirm that). Everyone looked fabulous and my two lady dates were delightful company.

 ….and babies were in attendance too! How strange to have come to the age where people bring babies to parties, and everyone loves it.

The result of all these fun adventures as of late is that I have completely lost my voice and may be coming down with something. Paying the piper, I guess.  But it’s nearly Christmas and Jon gets here this week! I attempted to start packing today, felt too melancholy and stopped. I just can’t do it yet. Now I’m watching an old Lauren Bacall/Marilyn Monroe/Betty Grable movie and I have to say-it’s way better than trying to pack up my whole life into a few suitcases.

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