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Here I am,the day after Christmas, goodbyes have been said, and Jon and I are sitting in O’Hare airport, waiting to get on our flight to London at 5:05 pm. In trying to make sure that our seats were together, we were upgraded to business class, which is possibly the most exciting thing that has ever happened, and will make every future economy class voyage taken a sad reminder of how much economy sucks compared to business class (just assuming). I’ve pre-emptively rubbed the inside of my nose with vaseline that I just bought, all because I read an article that said it’s a good idea (keeps the nasal lining moist and prevents cracking, which lets in germs!) I’ll get back to you on if that works or not.

It’s nice having this little time to reflect. The worst part of leaving, every time, without a doubt, is all the goodbyes, and with those behind me now I am able to look forward and be hopeful for this new life that I have a chance to create with my dude. There could be a lot of good in this. The worst part has been people who act as if I am leaving forever, never to return to Ohio-which is frankly kind of silly, and also slightly insulting, if that’s fair to say. I miss everyone already. Ohio is my place, forever. My anchor. My people. And leaving over and over again just makes me more sure of it in my heart.

So off we go to have a new adventure…big stuff is starting now. It’s just the beginning. I’ll see you later Ohio.

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