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Hello all! So I’m currently busy getting settled in-and by that, I mean watching the Simpsons, drinking coffee, and thinking about trying to unpack some more. Jon is at work (don’t worry, he gets a three day weekend so it’s just finishing out this week, then a short 4 day week next week as well to start off the new year!…Because you were totally worried). We arrived early yesterday morning and while the flight over was amazing (I was not wrong about how exponentially better business class is then economy-the seat rotates down into a bed! they give champagne for take off! you order your meal from a MENU) neither of us slept much. This meant that after a 7 hour flight and a 5 hour fast-forward time change, we arrived when my body thought it was around 3 in the morning on Monday/Tuesday night, when really it was 8 am and a brand new day. Jon’s dad picked us up-after the relative ease of passing through customs, thank goodness for my shiny spousal visa-but by the time we drove back to the house I was dead on my feet. What was supposed to be a “nap” to attempt to sleep but also get over my jet lag and into the British time frame turned into a 6 hour hard-core pass out. Jon woke up at 1, because he is responsible, and I woke up at 3. Either way, after some unpacking and dinner/gift exchanging with his parents, we both still managed to fall asleep again by 11:30 pm last night, and here I am. I really respect Jon’s ability to get up and go to work after this. He is a grown up.

So I’m here and officially a legal resident of England-now what? Let me answer that. Numero uno on my list right now is job finding. That’s a biggie, obviously. Smaller, but important to me things are-getting a (smart) phone, setting up a joint back account with the dude (my skin crawls at the thought of this, but I can’t very well open up my own account without a job…sigh), and finding a home for the dude and I. Honestly, I’m not super embarrassed that we live with his parents right now. It’s financially responsible and comfortable, because they’re actually super nice, not weird, and allow us to have our own space. Plus-dogs.  Of course, it will be great to get our own place, but since that is a few weeks/months(?) away, I’ll just go with it gratefully. Jobless Ashley is down for whatever, including living Asian style, multi-generationally.  And on that note, back to getting settled/coffee drinking on a Wednesday morning. It’s Wednesday, right?

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