2011: A year worth remembering

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In my opinion, 2011 as a whole was not one of my best years, but so many wonderful, notable things happened that while I’m more than willing to sweep it all under the rug and start fresh in 2012, I’m also happy to take a minute on this last day of the year and remember the good stuff.

Favorite moments:

Well, this was a biggie…

We got married! And it was wonderful. Also, we got engaged (6 months before said wedding), and those pictures were equally fun to take. We are not an exceedingly photogenic couple, but I’m thankful (particularly having now moved away) that we have a batch of awesome pictures in my favorite place.

Getting my Master’s was a wonderful accomplishment too, and one I’m glad to have finished. There were so many times-if one can say that about a period of 18 months-where I wanted to quit. But I didn’t, and um…yippee? That’s all I can really say about that. Hopefully having this stupid degree comes in handy.

Another great thing about this year was getting to spend so much more time with my family. As crazy as they may be, I love them, and I loved being nearer to them for this extended period-which hasn’t happened since, like, 2005. And probably won’t happen again for a loooong time.

A great, unexpected thing for me this year was the revival of one of my oldest friendships. I’ve known this girl from my earliest childhood, and we grew up being mistaken for one another (skinny blonde runner-types, we were), and even now, we still have the same tastes-in sustainable living and recycling, thrift stores and fashion, food and music and travel. I love her to death, and I’m so thankful that we got to spend so much time together this year. I don’t know what my weekends will be like without her. Or my weeks, for that matter. ┬áLove you Lindsey-I can’t wait to see you in June en France!

And finally, I think one of my favorite parts of 2011 was just finding my place in Ohio again. Seeing my friends, living my life, and having a last hurrah of sorts with a semi-independent life-because no matter the wonderful trappings of marriage, if all goes well (and I’m fairly certain it will) this was my last time alone in the world, know what I mean? It was nice to see that coming and have the chance to say goodbye to that life on my own terms.

Other, non-photographed events, like moving to England, were also a pretty big deal. I’m still on the fence about all of this “living in another country for a loooong time”, but hey-no turning back now! And I guess that’s maybe one of the biggest things to happen to me in 2011-I finally got the chance to start a real life with my husband. So high fives for that! What up 2011! Peace out, and hello hello to 2012 and the (supposed) end of the world!

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  1. bah…don’t make me cry again! but yes, it was a great, unexpected thing and i’m so happy that we’re better friends than we ever have been. so weird how similar we are having not spent much time together since high school until this past year. so glad to have you as a friend my dear! and happy new year! i’ll see you soon!

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