Picture time

England expat life

My current life in pictures.

Crazy-earred company.Playing with the camera settings on my new phone (first smart phone ever!).

Spotty robe. Pathetic, right? But comfy.

A great old movie. Hello Dolly, for those wondering.

Coffee coffee followed by tea tea.

This is what my job hunting looks like. It’s pretty sad. I really, REALLY hope I find something soon…keep your fingers crossed for me. (I’ve even started applying at generic soul sucking kind of places…something’s gotta be open, right?) I know it’s only been a week on the job search, but man oh man-it seems like much, much longer. Not my style. At least it’s now almost the weekend, where everyone can hang out, just like me! Jon and I have plans for the weekend that involve looking at places to live and meeting friends for some drinks. (Oh, and that knitting thing I went to yesterday? I think I made a friend! She’s cool, and she and her husband and two adorable little girls just returned from 6 months of traveling the globe. Sounds like she’s right up my alley, doesn’t it!) So I’m just going to try to stay positive. Building a new life is hard, who knew?

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  1. That dog is quite adorbs. And yea, job hunting sucks so hard, especially when your expectations are already rather lowered.

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