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The big event of our weekend was spending nearly all of Saturday wandering around Brighton and Hove (mostly Hove) looking at apartments -or flats, as I’m supposed to say-for our future home. I don’t want to jinx it, but Jon and I both fell in love with the tiniest, most perfect apartment just a hop from the sea, on a beautiful, quiet street, right down from a bunch of interesting looking shops and restaurants and a sweet pub with a lovely garden in the back. Don’t want to get attached or anything…but we’ve already started talking about how we’d decorate. It has a new oven! Ahhh…I want it. Anyway. We shall see what happens. While down there, we took advantage of the amazingly warmish weather-even for famously temperate England it’s too warm for January-and wandered down to the beach before one of our appointments with an estate agent (realtor). The sun was setting and it was beautiful.

Earlier in the day we also stumbled upon a restaurant that we decided to check out for lunch. It was called Lala’s and had actually taken over the space of a different restaurant we went to last year on a groupon-funded date. (Maybe another place that fell victim to the whole groupon thing? I don’t know!) ¬†This place was great-very crunchy and full of homemade, mostly vegetarian and vegan fare. We split two very delicious plates-feta and spinach canneloni and a hummus and roasted veg sandwich, and plenty of sides on the plates. So yummy! Perfect fuel for a day of house hunting.

¬†Very cozy. We will most definitely go back there (particularly if we move into that house and it’s a part of our hood!)


I have high hopes for this week. I’ve sent out a few emails about doing some volunteering, so hopefully I hear back from someone-anyone-about doing something. I know that the second I’m employed I’ll be disappointed that I didn’t spend enough of my down time reading like I said I would, but it’s so hard to feel relaxed enough to read for hours when one knows they should be job hunting. So the reading is slow going, although there are some fabulous books on my shelves currently. Really, I just want to fast forward a month from today and see what’s going on in my life, you know? Without a doubt, things will be different next month, and I just want to know how!

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  1. keep me posted sounds like things are coming around. The flat as you call it sounds wonderful, hope it works out for you guys. I really want to visit this place. Love and miss you!

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