the things you could do, you won’t, but you might

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Sunshine and dogs and some frost, finally! (Still no snow, and it’s in the high 40s, but the frost, it means something).

Alright, so no jobs were found this week. But I’m not giving up yet. I mean, I might soon-poor Jon, dude has to deal with a lot of rage coming from this wife-but two weeks isn’t really all that long. So I should just shut up about how sad it makes me and how stressful it is because lord knows I’m not the first person to ever look for a job, and I’m lucky to have a husband who can bring home enough bacon for the two of us. So good job on me for getting married. Because when you’re just in a relationship and your boyfriend supports you, it’s lame, but when you’re married and it happens, it’s called “subscribing to traditional gender roles”.

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