Our Saturday

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The viaduct by Preston Park in Brighton.image

Endless mirrors in mirrors.


A lime+coconut cupcake from Angel Food Bakery in the Lanes. So good! My cupcake consumption increases exponentially when Jon and I live in the same place. May have to curb that now that this living arrangement is permanent. image

Hey there, house hunters.image

Accidentally matching outfits made of gray pants, black coats and chucks. Nice.image

This is made of cake! Crazy town. (Choccywokkydoodah is the-awesome-name of this shop).image

The amazing street market that just started up again in Haywards Heath. Cannot wait to start going here weekly! Locally farmed meets and produce, cheese and all sorts of goodies.



And this is the creepiest shop ever in Brighton. Hanging arms, creepy dolls, lots of macabre brick-a-brack….I hope it’s a film prop shop or something, because it’s scary. image

Saturdays, they are the best.

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