Street hat

England expat life

The best way to discuss the pros and cons of new places is over a glass of wine or two in a quiet pub. Taking notes!

On a side note-I found this hat on the sidewalk two weeks ago, took it home, washed it, wore it, and have gladly dubbed it “street hat”. I’m pleased with this.

Oh, and this happened too. We ordered one vanilla latte and one water at lunch at a really-not-great place that we won’t be returning to. This came. Every time I took a sip I was disappointed when it wasn’t a vanilla milkshake. But hey, two straws and we didn’t ask for that!

I am currently sitting vaguely watching Jon “hit the streets”, as he likes to refer to his video game playing time. Not pleasant, but I’m thankful nonetheless that he doesn’t play every day, like many a fella I know.

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