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Wouldn’t it be cool if I had stuff to talk about? Not to be a debby downer, but there is seriously not a lot going on here. I don’t know if it was a misplaced sense of optimism, but I could have sworn that at this point in time I would have found a job by now. Or that we would have a house by now. Or a dog, at the very least. But alas, no.

So here’s the thing. Here’s what IS going on. I have a sickness. Nothing deadly, but I’ve been sleeping a lot and my lungs hate me with a fiery passion. There is tea, and lemsip (the British theraflu), and oranges galore. There is a scarf that I’ve been wearing around to cheer me up, since I realized that I don’t have to wait to leave the house just to wear my newest Christmas present of a scarf (Thanks Pam! This was from you, correct?). And there are lots of books. I’m in the middle of a few as it is, and I’m also making the jump into reading The Game of Thrones series here soon. Because these are things that I plan ahead for. There is also a small dogs that sighs and stretches at my feet and can generally be counted on to keep me company.

Pale-lipped and lilac-scarved.

Another week almost passed, and February already begun. Where is the time going?

5 thoughts on “Cough cough sniff sniff”

  1. Welcome to England! Looks like you have a case of foreigner malaise, it happens to people who are used to living in a country bigger than a one-twelfth scale model of a thimble and don’t have an Arctic weather system. You’ll find that the only real cures are to complain about it A LOT, or visit Scotland. Everyone feels better when they leave Scotland.

  2. Glad you’re finding a little solace in the lovely lavender scarf.
    For a girl who has always been on the go and in the groove of life, a less than busy time may feel a bit out of your comfort zone. Don’t fret, the pace of life in England will undoubtedly be set a little slower than the light-speed you’ve be acustomed to for so long.
    Jobs, living accommodations, and dogs will all be found in due time. Relax and try to enjoy the down time as it will surely be short in the long run of things.
    Get well!
    Love, Pamela

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