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We may have found our place! The offer is in. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but our fingers are crossed. We have big plans, and we love the neighborhood already. It’s hard to want something so badly and have only marginal control over the outcome.

(That’s not the house, by the way-haha-just a local pub. I didn’t take any pictures of the actual property, don’t want to jinx anything!) This is just around the ‘hood.

The Norris family, generally being lost in front of a large structure known as the “Pepperpot” due to it’s appearance similar to a pepper pot.

This doesn’t do the views justice-really gorgeous around there. So hilly in Brighton, and the colorful houses in this region remind me of San Francisco.

Again, we just made the offer and if the owners of this place aren’t reasonable then the whole thing will fall apart. But man oh man-I really want a house for Jon and I so badly, and this would be just right.

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