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Nothing like writing an inherently sad and extremely personal bit of thinking on the internet to find out that you have a lot of great people who care about you in the world. I am a lucky lady, to feel so loved, and that is something I will not forget. Thanks for listening. I don’t write for pity or to look like a sad sack-I write because it helps me think things through and get them off my chest, and um, because I type a lot faster than my hands use a pen and paper-and since part of this blogging venture is to keep in touch with those not here with me, this is what happens occasionally. Again, all love.

Even in the past 24 hours, things have really turned around for me, in a few important ways. First off-Jon and I have decided to go look at a bunch of rentals in Brighton, which means we may be living in our own place by next weekend. This is so important to me, and I really think it will change the whole vibe of what we’ve got going on. I’m excited. We may still buy in the future, but since that was really never our priority, I’m looking forward to stopping the worry that this endeavour has caused.

Secondly, I finally heard back from an agency today! It’s a temp agency, and frankly I’m totally cool with that. They helped Jon find work when he came back from Korea last time and I think this could be the countdown for my unemployed-in-the-UK days. Unfortunately the consultant I’m working with is out of the office all of next week and can’t see me until the week after, but hey-it’s not that far. I’m down with this. I’m feeling optimistic.

Finally, I started my volunteer work with HomeStart (strangely similar to America’s Head Start, but less pre-school oriented and more social work oriented-no connection to it though, I asked!) yesterday. It feels good to be involved with an organization that I would love to work for anyway, paid or not. Hopefully I’ll be helping them out in some good ways. I’ve got ideas!

So like I said, I’m feeling really optimistic today, more than I have in quite awhile. And with Jon’s birthday this weekend, the horizon is looking good. Birthday weekends are the best!

(photo above of Jon and Spud, two living things that I love a lot and that are super effing cute)

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