Jon’s Birthday Weekend

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Jon’s birthday extravaganza was great, just great. Finally, he’s caught up with me age-wise. Until October,when I once again take the lead-suck on that, Norris!  We spent the early part of yesterday wandering around Brighton, looking at a few rentals (I think we found one, fingers crossed! It’s not available till March, but we may wait for it, because it’s awesome. Already, looking at rentals is so much more fun for us. I dig it.) We ate a delicious lunch at the Hove Kitchen-fancy scallops with sage for Jon and eggs benedict with salmon for me- and went to see the Descendants at the Odeon to kill some time before meeting everyone for dinner and drinks. The Descendants-it’s good! George Clooney isn’t normally my thing, and this felt like one of the most adult movies I’ve ever gone to see, in a very grown up way. Serious material but enough laughs to keep it from being a total sob fest. It made me think of something my mom would like. (You’ll like it Mom!) Normally I’m only down for paying to see movies that have lots of explosions or are just too good  to wait for. This was nice!

So anyway, we had pho for dinner, hung out with good people, Jon got drunk and we took the last train home. I wonder when I’ll get used to the end of the night being at midnight? In a country where pubs close at 11:30 or 12 and the train stop running at around the same time, you sort of get a built in curfew. I’m not complaining though-fast asleep by 1 a.m. is far better for my old lady skin and bod (and brain) then burning the midnight oil until 3 or 4!





My amazing lunch plate. Must learn to poach eggs. It can’t be that hard, right?image

imageJon’s tiny, but delicious scallops.


Someone got a Mario birthday card!image

Friday we had a lovely dinner out to begin the celebrations with Jon’s parents. (I realize this is all backwards. Oh well.) I liked these tree bits next to our table. The goat cheese ravioli was delicious as well!image


Also a couple bottles of wine made Jon and I have a little fashion shoot. I was digging this outfit, in case you were wondering.

Now that birthday weekend is winding down, there’s not much left to do. Some birthday banoffee pie for my man, some netflix and video games. It was a solid few days. I am content.



5 thoughts on “Jon’s Birthday Weekend”

  1. glad the birthday festivities were a blast! yes I would love that movie, your right. Hope you get the place you want. Happy Valentine’s Day Love you !!!!

  2. Happy (belated) bday Jon! Catching up on my blog reading. Yea, being done by midnight is still ridiculous imo, but then you just start drinking earlier and get the same results but more bedtime haha.

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