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So yesterday was total crap you guys. Total crap. Just one of those days where I was angry and sad all at once, and unable to reconcile those feelings with anything seemingly good. If you follow my twitter (I feel stupid typing that…derpderp), you know that I had a job interview, and I accidentally got on the wrong train on the way to that interview (not as bad as it sounds really, just a mis-step). I don’t feel like I rocked the interview, but worse than that is that this is the only place to have even asked me in for an interview so far and I just…don’t really want the job on offer. Blasphemy, I know. And maybe I would love it…but probably not. It was an office in the back of a very, very sad warehouse conglomerate in a sad little town and I just can not picture myself working there, and commuting there everyday. I won’t know anymore about the job and if they even want me until next week-they were interviewing 5 others-but I have to say I won’t be disappointed if they offer it to someone else. It was a disheartening first interview in England.

So let’s talk about that part, too, since that’s part of what made yesterday suck. Talking to (many, not all) British people. “Hiyaaa” instead of “hello”. “Cheers” instead of “goodbye”. Lots of interruptions. Smirking. I. just. don’t. get. it. And I don’t want to insult anyone, so I’ll just stop now. Maybe this is a thing I’ll get used to. But is this how all British people are? Really? People look at me weird when I say “thanks” or “bye” because they’ve already said cheers and they’re totally over the conversation/transaction. Is this normal, British friends? Am I just seeing all the wrong people out at the shops and on the phone and at the doctor? Help me please.

I think that’s enough whining for now. Even writing it out makes me a little disappointed in my bad attitude. Oh well. Everyone has a bad day, amirite? Today is bound to be better-we’re about to leave to go take measurements for our new apartment, then head up to Ikea (again!) and actually buy things. Exciting stuff! And I’ve also almost kicked this stupid chest infection to the curb, and my blood is basically made of Robitussin at this point. I would probably kill someone for some good ol’ Nyquil though.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve stumbled upon an area with a high proportion arseh… sorry, assholes. I’m usually really impressed by how friendly people are in Central London when I come back; taxi drivers, shop staff etc, but there are places I go Don’t judge us on bloody Brighton folk, go and see the rest of the country! There’s gotta be a reason why Madonna loves it so much…

    1. Thanks Ben! Normally I’m a-okay down here, but lately man….maybe I’m just super testy? Oh well, I’m sure it will improve. Maybe this is a late-coming form of culture shock or something:)

  2. British Friend here,

    re: “hiyaa” and “cheers”, I can’t say for sure because I wasn’t there, but I bet it was just your understandably il-temper making those dialectal nuances seem like they are looking at you weird for saying something different. We tend to understand Americans. (perhaps Bristol might be a more pleasant match, you’d get called ‘my love’ by all and sundry)

    caveats: we have our fair share of pricks and I wouldn’t be too surprised if you get attitude off someone in a shop – we aren’t great on smiles and bubbles in customer service, which is fair enough I think, because those people have shit jobs.

    Speaking of which: it took me from December to February last year to get a shitty job after Korea. If nothing is forthcoming, it could just be a mix of post-christmas non-hire period and coming up to the end of the tax year when employers may be hesitant to take on new people.

    Potentially ridiculous idea, but I’ve been having a look on freelance design websites for pocket-money type jobs, maybe there is an equivalent for writing?

    Hang in there champ and while you have the time, come up to Nottingham for a visit with working lady Penny and ol’ studious Dave.

    1. Oh Dave-always good to hear from you and indulge in your sage advice! As for the hiyaa/cheers thing-you’re right, and it could just be me. I have decided that I really dislike their usage by the general populace (although not by actual friends, and in informal settings, which is very hypocritical of me). Cheers is no substitute for actual thanks, in my book, know what I mean? Ah well. I suck, my fault. Check in 6 months, maybe i’ll have assimilated by then:)

      I have def been looking for freelance writing jobs-hard to find, generally undercut by Indian students, but I haven’t give up yet.

      And finally, I should be in ye olde nottingham next month I think, money allowing, for a concert with Penny! I will be looking you up, count on it.

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