Rainy Saturday

England expat life

We have an apartment, and next weekend we will move into that apartment. Yesterday we went down to take some measurements of said apartment (it’s wonderful wonderful wonderful) and it was raining like the devil. My shoes were a bad choice and I spent the afternoon sloshing around, and also taking them off when we went to dinner, sitting around like a hobo, although I don’t think anyone could see my bare footsies under the table. I don’t think it helped my never-ending sickness much.image¬†Unfortunately my bad day from Friday seemed to carry over to Saturday. After measurement-taking of our new space we went to Ikea (again) and picked out around¬†¬£500 worth of stuff, went to check out-they were closing by this time, we were literally the last people there-only to try to pay with an AmEx card and be told that they don’t accept that. So we left. With nothing. It was lame. What’s the point of having a credit card when you can’t use it for the big stuff (like furnishing your new abode)?


imageNow we’re figuring out how to get all the things we need, since we very truly have nothing in terms of furniture. It’s not a huge deal or a life ruiner or anything, but it was a shitty way to spend a Saturday night, fo sho. And with me hacking and wheezing and stuffing tissue up my nose the whole way, it probably wasn’t that pleasant for Jon either. At least we know exactly what we want now! Oh well. This time next week we’ll be moved in, possibly sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and it will be GREAT.

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