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We’re here! We are getting settled in the brand new casa del Sheets-Norris. It’s lovely. We are still without some very important things-bed/frame, couch, chair (for living room), and a wardrobe to put all our clothes in (English lack of closets-weird). The wardrobe and bed are sitting in flat-pack form in Hayward’s Heath after being delivered by Ikea. The issue now is getting them down to Brighton. Damn tiny European cars! The sofa and chair arrive this Saturday. After that, it’s down to buying artsy things and bits and pieces that make it feel like a real home. I’m down for this task.

In other news, I am very sick again. I just don’t get it! But after 5ish weeks of illness with a few respites here and there (which made me think I’d kicked it, every time), I officially began a round of antibiotics yesterday. Hopefully this turns me into a normal person. Fingers crossed. This is one time when it’s slightly better to be unemployed.

And another sad note-we can’t get internet turned on for TWO WEEKS. Holy cow. What am I supposed to do?? I am, right this second, using my phone as a wifi hotspot, but if we do that too much the cell company will shut that shit down. So I’m rationing my real internet usage. This is a sad moment in my life. Also not helpful for ye olde job search. But I’m sure 2 weeks will pass quickly….I hope.

Alright, I’m off. Pictures will follow at some point, I promise!

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