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The weather here has really taken a turn for the wonderful. So sun shiney and beautiful-really lovely. It made for a nice weekend! On Saturday Jon’s parents came down for a dual visit and let-us-borrow-your-vacuum-because-we-still-don’t-have-one, and they brought the dogs (yay!). We took a walk and wandered down by the sea. People were out. Then we went to the pub for a drink before saying fare thee well (and going to that birthday party I told you about).

Rocks, shmocks.

Colin was there too. Hey Colin!

And we did this to Spud.

He didn’t really approve of it. Good while it lasted though.

This weekend made me excited for all the fun we’re going to have down here this spring and summer. Hanging around the beach, rocky as it may be, reading in the parks, drinking on sun-drenched patios….ah, I’m getting all misty ¬†eyed with longing. It’s going to be great.

In other news, I have had some good movements on the job front lately! Two very solid leads(I just typed salad instead of solid and had to fix that, haha) for positions at local universities have opened up and my applications are in for both. Cross your fingers for me. I’ve also got a meeting about doing some freelance writing coming up tomorrow afternoon, so I hope that all works out and leads to a paying gig. That would be perfect. In the meantime, I’m not feeling so isolated and pessimistic as I was there for a bit. The move to Brighton and all that came with it has proven uplifting and positive. On the one hand, it’s like a fresh start for Jon and I, in terms of making a real adult sort of life together, in a place that belongs to us, and on the other hand making me, as an individual, feel more a part of the community that is Brighton. I’ve begun to make a few friends-not just the girlfriends of Jon’s friends!-and that was so important and high up on my life list. All is well over here, for once. I’m thankful. But this just may be the sunshine talking.

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  1. i knew you would be fine kiddo. got nothing but faith in ya. i don’t care if there are rocks,its a beach ain’t it! wooot!!!lyb,d

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