VegFest Brighton and a Chocolate Festival to boot

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Yesterday was one of those nearly perfect days. (Ignore the cheesiness of that sentence). There was so much sunshine, there was nary a trace of a hangover between the mister and I (due to no beverages consumed on Saturday night, and a bedtime of pre-midnight), and we caught not one but TWO festivals. Brighton, if I haven’t mentioned, is fucking awesome sometimes.

The first festival we came upon by accident on our way to the farmer’s market. A chocolate festival! We sampled many things but only purchased some ultra-delicious chocolate covered coffee beans. Oh, and a chocolate twist pastry as big as my arm. Jon ate most of that though. We’re fiends, I tell you. Fiends!

Attractive, right?

Taking a turn for the much more healthy festival in town, we headed to VegFest UK in the afternoon. I’d really been looking forward to that, and had received from rave reviews from Mister Dave. The festival only happens in Brighton and in Bristol once a year, so we were lucky. There were, again, all sorts of samples of veggie and vegan goodness and we basically stuffed ourselves. We also purchased some west country cider (Severn Cider, to be specific) after meticulously tasting all their varieties, haha, and some really interesting salts, as weird as that may sound!

I’m so happy to be living in a place where there are so many things to do! It was getting pretty dry and boring up in the very quaint Hayward’s Heath. Case in point-last Thursday Jon called me from work to ask if I wanted to make use of some free tickets he’d won to the amazing Duke of York’s cinema-very art house, very cool, and I’d been wanting to see something there for awhile. Turns out they were having a showing of “Milk” and ticket holders also received free wine and popcorn. Of course we went. (Side note-if you don’t know who Harvey Milk is, please go look him up, then watch the documentary, then watch the Hollywood movie, starring Sean Penn and James Franco. Very good stuff, and very deserving of the great man that Harvey Milk was). These are things we couldn’t really do when we didn’t live down here-due to train schedules and all of that. We can be so much more flexible and spontaneous now, and that just makes me crazy happy.

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  1. wish you could have been there too! i will probably not be skyping Ry since we still won’t have internet on her bday. lame. but i’m sure she won’t mind, haha. i’m just hoping my present gets there on time!

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