Architecture and dinosaurs

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The sunny weather of the past two days has already come and gone. Le sigh. The pictures I took are leaving me nostalgic. Here’s hoping the sun comes back soon! I’m so much more cheerful when it’s here. I mean, the south of England really isn’t as dreary and rainy as everyone makes it out to be (me included) but after a few days of complete sunshine, you really notice how….gray….it can be around here.


One of my favorite parts of meandering along the seafront is the architecture of the buildings that exist there. Some are ugly-believe you me, it’s like the 80s just popped up and never left-but the rest are gorgeous. I don’t want to overstep my boundaries of architectural knowledge, but the presence of Regency, Art-Deco, and Victorian styles all in one place is real eye candy any day of the week. I also love a good bit of wrought iron.

And I present to you the one patch of sand in all of Brighton, haha.

And another thing to keep one’s eyes peeled for? The graffiti that’s everywhere, most of it really well done. I personally love this guy. So cute!

Raaar dino box!


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