Ryleigh’s Birthday

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Today this little girl turns three years old. She’s my only niece and I love her to pieces, especially as she gets older and develops her own little personality (which she is definitely doing). She is sassy, shy, and a small bundle of awesome. And her hair is blonde, just like her favorite aunt-but don’t point that out to my sister, she’s not a fan, haha:)

Without a doubt, the worst part of moving so far away is missing all the bits and pieces of the lives of my friends and family back home. No matter how long I live in the UK, or how many little British babies I have with adorable little accents, or how much I end up loving Brighton and our life here, I will always consider Ohio as my real home, the one where the biggest part of my heart lives.

So this is my far away birthday wish for a beautiful little girl. I hope that you know that I love you and you will always have a place in my heart and in my home, and I hope that when you get older you look forward to visits from your crazy aunt Ashley (and maybe you’ll even come over here  for a summer or two, if your mom and dad say it’s okay 🙂

Happy birthday little one! I hope your day is all a three year old could dream of! Eat an extra piece of cake for me, will you?

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