A taste of summer in Brighton

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A beautiful, warm weekend. I know I know-I keep talking about the weather! But seriously-this was the first time in my memory that the amount of sunshine was accompanied by actual WARMTH. So warm I could wear a little strappy dress and no sweater (for a little while anyway). We busted out the fuji instax for fun to record the happenings of the day. Brunch at the tiny/cheap cafe next door, cupcakes, the fishing museum, lots and lots of wandering in the Lanes and by the seaside, a beer or two….perfecto.

Shameful, I know. Next time, I’ll go for the falafel instead of sausage. But all this was only 4 pounds! And I do enjoy supporting local small business:)

4 thoughts on “A taste of summer in Brighton”

    1. love you too! hopefully by next weekend. someone is coming AGAIN to hook up our internet tomorrow, so skype will once again be possible after that. keep your fingers crossed!

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