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The forecast for the weekend and all of next week calls for a return to more dreary weather, complete with a drop of temperature back down into the 50s. Because of this, I feel even more encouraged to take as much advantage of this unseasonable warmth and sunshine as possible, via reading by the sea, taking walks with the dude, and forcing my pale pale legs to suck up some UV rays.







The widest of wide leg jeans for a sunset stroll. Feet rendered invisible. So comfy. image



imageIronically I write this while sitting inside of a Starbucks, again, doing some writing (or apparently procrastinating from doing the writing that actually puts the moolah in my pocket). At least this one has giant windows, so I can people watch. English fashions call for a lot of tights under short-shorts for the ladies and um…no shirts for guys? I guess that’s what happens when the sun comes out around here!

Besides the sunshine, I haven’t been particularly optimistic or motivated lately. Again, it feels to me like I will never find a job. We’re going on three months here of full on unemployment-that’s a long time, and it seems even longer with no foreseeable job in the future. I think I may have to put all (or nearly all) of my efforts into making my freelance work more of a sustainable thing, and hopefully that’s possible. Again, I’m lucky to be part of a relationship that allows us to you know, pay rent and shit, without me making as much as Jon, but it’s pretty demoralizing for this staunch powerful lady feminist. Not to mention that just, as a person, I think everyone feels the need to contribute to society in some way, whether that be through work or child-rearing, what have you. Freelancing is great, but I’m not exactly bringing home the big bucks! Or even the…medium bucks? So now that we’re all settled in around these parts, my lack of job has once again come to the forefront and is weighing heavily on my mind, particularly because of all the traveling we have coming up this summer.

Of course, I’m excited about all the fun we have coming up this spring/summer-so let’s talk about that instead!

*April-Nottingham to visit the lovely Penny and go to a Ryan Adams concert. I’ve never been up North! I’m excited! And I got the cheapest bus tickets ever-less than 10 pounds. Score.

*June-Paris. My dear lady friend Lindsey. And Jon. Weeeeeee!

*July-Fancy wedding of Jon’s friend. Somewhere in the south…east? I don’t know. All I know is we got an invite in the mail and it said Jon can/should wear top hat and tails. Whaaat?? Yes.

*July-Jon’s sister nuptials, supposedly in Bermuda, although that has yet to be confirmed.

*August-Rachel’s wedding in Las Vegas. Sparkle. Boobs. Stuff like that. Love.

*September-Nia’s wedding in Ohio. OHIO. I MISS IT SO MUCH.

So can you see why I’d really like to have a job? And why it’s so disheartening that even the temp agencies can’t find me anything? It’s like having a master’s degree is an illness. A very expensive illness that I pay for every month and that hasn’t netted me a job.


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  1. back to the job woes eh kiddo? it will all work out. got mad faith in ya. as far as the masters degree being an illness. there is only one cure…MORE COWBELL!!!! je t’aime.lyb,d.

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