Brighton Food Festival

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Last Friday Jon had the day off for Good Friday, so we got to hang out, which is always pleasant. The weather was amazing, sunshiney and perfect, and we wandered down to Jubilee Square for the Brighton Food Festival, an event we’d been looking forward to for a few weeks. You know the drill-local restaurants and producers all out with the good stuff. Tons of samples. We waddled our way through the festival, trying various dips and chutneys, sausages and cupcakes. We found a local CSA to sign up with (they call them veg boxes here, ha! Perfect in it’s exactitude) so we’ll be flush in local fruit and veg this spring and summer. We also chatted with some local farmers who were selling potted herbs and veggies, everything from peppers to kale (FAVORITE FOREVER) to tomatos and spinach. I was immensely sad that our tiny 2nd story flat can’t really handle anymore growing. Jon and I have had a few discussions about adding in a shelf and trying to pot some things in our huge bay window, but it may be too messy and crowded! Hopefully we figure something out. In sum-the festival was pitch perfect. So good that we made a second sweep through the joint on Saturday for lunch!

Oh and hey look! A German in leather pants on a unicycle, juggling fire.

If you want to read a little more about the festival in Jon’s words, feel free to check out our new venture over here —-> It’s a collaboration between Jon and I and we’re hoping to keep track of more cool shit that happens in Brighton, as this city seems to be sadly under-documented on the internet:) Fun, for nerdy internet writers like us!


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