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Life lately according to my phone:imageClockwise from top left: growing out my bangs/Colin’s epic Lego skills on display/weight watchers apparently sells wine/dinner party remnants/approaching train at Hassocks station/paella dinner party

Brighton PavillionThe weekend was one that seemed exceedingly long, and consisted of a suburban dinner party with friends Friday night (leaving me jonesing for a place with multiple bedrooms, a backyard, quiet streets, and a playground around the block full of joyful children) and cheering for the Brighton Marathon with Jon on Sunday morning. This morning I had another job interview and now I have some big decisions to make, but I don’t feel comfortable putting it out into the world yet. I do want to say though that things are just…so much different than I ever thought they would be in my existence, and it kinda blows my mind. Life, dudes. It’s a trip (as my dad would say).

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