Dreary days

England expat life

So much rain and cold and wind lately! It’s depressing, really. Although I should suck it up while I can, as I’m going up north to Nottingham next week to visit a friend for a long weekend (weeee! so excited, no lie!), and it’s FO SHO going to be colder up there than it is down here. image


But then I saw this. At least the tree was beautifully pink, even though the wind was so crazy on this day that I was actually angry at the physical task that walking to meet Jon after work entailed. Stupid angry sea side town wind. image


I hope English summer isn’t over already…everyone always tells me this-that summer comes earlier every year here and then it’s over before you know you missed it-and now I’m nervous that the few high 70 degree days we had a few weeks ago are long gone and all that’s left is wind, rain and some sparse sunshine every once in a while. Oh noooooooooo.


Cross your fingers for me. This Ohio girl can’t handle this. I NEED SUNSHINE. And to be able to stop wearing tights with everything. And my coat, for that matter.

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