Feminist Friday


Woop woop, it’s Friday! and what better way to bring in the weekend than with some feminist consciousness-raising?

Formula One gets a female racer, goons come out of the wood work to make dumb jokes. This shit bothers me SO MUCH. “Yeah, but can she park it?” “She can drive my stick!” Derp derp, you’re so clever dudes. Not to mention her new boss, Bernie Ecclestone had this gem of a quote, “‘If Susie is as quick in a car as she looks good out of a car then she will be a massive asset to any team, and on top of that she is very intelligent.” I very highly doubt that a statement like that would ever be given about a new male driver. Wouldn’t it be nice if gender didn’t matter in situations like this, just one’s ability to be…I don’t know…good at their job?

Tavi Gevinson is a pretty spectacular teenage feminist. Love her or hate her, she is phenomenally well-spoken and her website Rookiemag.com is breaking barriers for what constitutes good content for girls/young women on the internet. I wish it had been around when I was in school! Her TedxTeen talk is totally worth watching. I loved her discussion of the need for strong female characters in pop culture, and how we are facing a real dearth of these characters that are actually complicated, flawed….basically realistic, like so many of their male counterparts. Great discussion.

Equal Pay Day was a few days ago, on April 17th. This day is the day that marks when an average woman, in comparison to an average man, would have earned as much money from January 2011 as he did in the 2011 fiscal year. (I think this is just an American thing?) So, that’s basically an extra 4 months of working for the ladies. This is a tongue in cheek piece that was published last year that I found both frustrating and amusing about what women should do to close the wage gap. (Sample: Maintain your appearance, especially if you are over the age of 30. Put on some lipstick and a nice pair of heels. Just because you’re one of the boys doesn’t mean you should wear what they do. But for god’s sake, don’t dress like a slut! How will anyone respect you if they can see that you have breasts?)

Alexa Chung, the model/MTV presenter/writer/fashiony person shut down her Instagram account this week after some severe internet assholery got way too personal-for example, comments on a picture of her with her mom that so eloquently state “ur ugly” and “ew, she’s so skinny it’s gross” . Proving that sometimes it’s just as hard to be skinny as it is to be overweight in this crazy world, and that no one deserves to be objectified just because they are in the public eye. People come in different shapes and sizes (didn’t we learn that in kindergarten?) and just because we are currently a part of a society that values tall and skinny over plump and soft, doesn’t mean that women (even the ones that fit the “ideal”) should be objectified and ridiculed. It is our responsibility to demand a more positive and all-inclusive space in the media. Don’t accept this body snarking as the norm-it shouldn’t be.

And just for fun: Feminist Harry Potter. Enjoy!

Happy weekend ladies and dudes! Hope it’s warm and sunshiney wherever you are.

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