Heading up North

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Tomorrow morning I’m getting on a bus to London, then another bus to Nottingham. 7 hours later I’ll be hanging out with the very groovy Penny and going to a Ryan Adams concert. And then I’ll stay with her and do various other things like hang out in Sherwood forest and eat Mexican food and drink margaritas and enjoy her birthday celebrations before making my way back to Brighton on Sunday night. Fun, right? Yeah!

So this is my first little excursion on my own since moving to the UK. It also constitutes some serious girl time, since I haven’t really made many independent friends around here-no nights out with the ladies for me! (yet) I have made a freelancer friend who I have gotten coffee with, and another friend from Zumba, but this isn’t the same as the kind you can go out and drink and dance your face off with, because you have a bit of history. So I guess I’m saying I’m excited to see Penny and hang out, because she’s a cool chick and I think it’s going to be a fun week/end. And Jon is excited to have the house all to himself! He’s already planning on curry/beer/xbox with the fellas. It’s a win/win over here for chez Sheets Norris!

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