Feminist Friday #3


Just one this week-but it’s a good one!

Mona El Tahawy’s powerful piece on hatred of women in the Middle East, provocatively entitled “Why Do They Hate Us?”  brewed up a whole lot of trouble last week. I meant to post about it then, but I was out of town-sorry! So if you already read this, it may be like I’m beating a dead horse, but if not, you should really give it a read. El Tahawy is an Egyptian-American writer who  was beaten and sexually assaulted, and then detained by the Egyptian Interior Ministry and “questioned” by military intelligence for 12 hours last November during the protests in Tahrir Square. The essay made a lot of people angry, but then again so does basically every conversation about Islam and women-people have lots of opinions!. And the fact that the article, at the very least, got so many people talking about the plight of women (some intelligent conversation, some…..not so much) makes it successful, as far as I’m concerned. Give it a go.

Happy weekend! Since basically every day is the same when you’re unemployed, and I’ve been employed for a full week now, the weekend actually feels like a weekend-and I’m going to enjoy it as such!

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