Feminist Friday #4


Happy Friday! Here’s your dose of feminist media for the week. Get on in there!

Why Feminism is Good for Men : because feminism isn’t about making women more powerful than anyone else, it’s about equality for everyone.

-What Cracked does best-tell the truth and shed some light on the mysteries in life while making you laugh. (Always makes me laugh, anyway). Here, in direct opposition to that first link up there, a piece on 5 ways modern men are trained to hate women.

A state-by-state guide to anti-choice laws in 2012, so far (this is in the US). Yeesh. This is depressing and scary stuff. In a time when the economy is in the pot, all the government (coughcoughGOPcoughcough) can focus on is social issues that affect women’s reproductive health and choices. Oh, and making sure the gays can’t get married. Because THESE ¬†are the important issues people. Yep. Or not. Jobs maybe? The crumbling environment?

– This Funny or Die video featuring Kate Beckinsale and Kitty from Arrested Development is giggle inducing. “Open up your legs and let the government in!”




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